Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Rage & Out Rage

slightly doom laden scare-mongering...

but with so many views & so many lies I guess you take everything onboard to whittle out the chaff
- interesting is its point that the stock markets are set to crash in *september... mind you after watching this video the stockmarket crash will be the least of your worries ;)

but between the lines the message is still the same, the ruling elite have been raping the planet for thousands of years, time for change - your politicians are a fraud perpetuated by a mainstreammedia ruling  you by means of a false [fiat] currency... time to stop believing

* a bit of history for you:
starting about 90,000 years ago, to the present day, the earth was hit by an asteroid, in the pacific, the "ring of fire" is the crater which still reverberates with the after-shocks of the impact, those that survived became us, ruled by an elite that keeps a  lot of secrets todo with history & energy etc hidden whilst the rest of us are in a trance. every culture [survivors] from the native americans in the west to the chinese in the east all talk of fire coming from "heaven" -  in the west we are taught the christian version of the devil - satan, lucifer, phosphor "the morning star" - being thrown from heaven to hell [or earth] there may have even been a continent in the pacific that was a hit for the path of the asteroid. 
quantum theory & morphic resonance show us how complex design are created out of the simplest of information, feedback loops or chaos theory - which is all life really is, a chaos theory allowed to run resulting in us. we need to change the chaos theory & allow it to run in a new direction & that's the beauty of it... all it takes is the slightest change to change direction, a new path... 
the butterfly flapping it's wings

- don't forget that art will give you answers, regardless of how bad you personally think you are -  as on a personal level it's not the resulting art but the expression itself where the answers will be found

 Only You - have the answers
But the questions you have to find
Only You - know the secrets
But the truth lies deep in your mind
Only You - are the answer
You turn the night into day - yeah
Only You - are the manchild
You are the light
You are the way



Anon said...

Interesting videos. Many thanks.

Anon said...
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dognamedblue said...

"this post has been removed by the author" - now why would you do that??? :/

I became a kiss fan 33 years ago just to piss off the childabuser ;)
[this album is the odd 1 out in their music, just doesn't fit, now I see & understand them for being an elite's music plant as part of their control plans but this album is so far out of their usual that the message is the only thing to listen too]

dognamedblue said...

taken from aangrifan's blog: