Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Q: When is stupid really stupid?

A: when the people you choose to complain to are guilty of the same crime

you can't complain about children running riot when the people you complain to are guilty of doing the same thing
children stealing booze & tv's is no different from mp's defrauding you of thousands of £££'s to buy their own tv's

lets use Hazel Blears as an example:
she is mp for salford & eccles so is relevant
she stole thousands of pounds in expenses to buy tv's, beds, booze, pay for housing & when parliament was recalled showed her utter stupidity by complaining that these kids should be in school, totally ignorant of the fact that schools were on holiday

dailymail.co.uk: UK riots 2011 Blundering Hazel-Blears 

if you are still voting for these fraudsters & theives you are still playing their game & you will only get what you deserve
infact you can't complain about how bad things have turned out because you voted for it, it's your fault: social decay, murdering women & children, protecting fraudulent banks, giving you their debt... you can't say you didn't bother to check what they stood for before you voted, that would be stupid

prison sentences for children?
how about prison sentences for all these fraudulent mp's???
how about prison sentences for all these fraudulent bankers???
[that are supported by these fraudulent mp's???]
one rule for elitists 1% another rule for the 99%
you're part of the 99%


Anon said...

Well said!

David Cameron's chums, reportedly, used to smash up restaurants.

A13 said...

It's the trickle down effect...
of anti social criminal behaviour with an insane sence of entitlement..politicians and bankers are mostly anti social psycopaths and should be locked up for thier pillage of numerous countires.
Hope you are all OK in the UK.
Cheers A13