Tuesday, 28 February 2012

the original dog named blue


thank you for this song Aangirfan 
my mum used to sing it with me & blue, changing the words obviously

there's a tiny picture in a locket of the three of us that I look at to remember

Friday, 24 February 2012


what are the three triggers for cancer?


lets ask a woman... what causes cervical cancer?
[because women actually take the time to find out men just wait until they've got it]
[check out the true story of the pink ribbon by the woman who invented it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QPZfcYTUaA]

why do you think the last step at the sewage works after they've filtered out all the crap is to pass it through ultra violet lights?
because ultra violet light kills all viruses
thinking of getting one of those ultra violet lamps???
[bearinmind the dangers & health concerns over UVlight so will take more research not just reading my remarks]

a level teaspoon mixed in water will kill the cancer causing fungi
I take it everyday - dr o's bi-carb 70p
bi-carbonate of soda will balance your ph [7 - neutral]
no acid environment... no cancer
[DON'T BUY DR O's!!! (or any of his food products!) you can find aluminium free bi-carb online]

the human body contains more bacteria than it does cells
the average human body contains 50 trillion cells
do the maths
eating processed foods laden with chemicals will "soft kill" you
it's what you eat that gives you the good bacteria & helps kill the bad ones

learn how to cook, even the most simple of things
try a vegetarian dish a couple of times a week
my favourite is mushroom & spinach omlette [w/ a bit a crumbly white cheese]
money is tight so I have to shop wisely - 6 organic eggs £1.70 bag organic spinach £1.60 organic mushrooms £1 lancashire cheese £1.75 - this meal is full of vitamin d & other goodies [organic sea salt £1 500gms - magnesium potassium calcium, organic pepper £1.50]

try growing your own
in a garden
in plant pots
in boxes
in bags
if there's no way to start growing your own, grow your own herbs & add them to everything
goto mercola.com for which foods give you what vitamins etc

I look after a disabled parent, I don't claim anything on principal, money is tight so I can't really afford processed foods so have to buy & cook everything, apart from oven chips :) I buy a set amount of organic veg which is cheaper than you think when I'm preparing food I nibble on the raw vegetables & drink the water that the veg is cooked in & if I make a gravy I use the water the veg is cooked in making sure any goodness lost in cooking is used up

smoking doesn't cause lung cancer [although all the chemicals added to tobacco do]
what smoking does do is open your lungs to the fungus that causes cancer
but you don't have to smoke to get lung cancer
that's why that old dear up the street in her 90's & still smoking 20 a day will never get lung cancer [although she also takes bi-carb everyday]

I tested several spices & came up with a drink I now take every winter, not had a cold, no sniffles no runny nose in over 2 years, will post the recipe later
cardamon pods
cayenne pepper
ginger powder
lemon juice
I've gone this past year with adding more spices:
fenugreek powder
fennel seeds
use a level 1 quarter of a teaspoon boil for 5 minutes then add the lemon juice & honey & boil for another 2 minutes
sieve then mix into a cup to take out the powder & seeds
I took it once a day when they were scare mongering over H1N1 but this year I took it once a week at first then upto 4 times a week during flu season
add upto 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper if you have the start of a headache [warning: this many scoville units will blow your top, I can't manage it so take 1/2 a level teaspoon in 3 drinks in a night for headaches]

Sunday, 19 February 2012


I hope there is no conflict in the middle east
Iran is not the real enemy [yes they have bad elements but no worse than ours, tony blair for example]
the powerbrokers & policy makers under the guise of CIA MI6 MOSSAD etc are [but they are only at the end of a leash]

Aangirfan has a good blog post providing links to credible source eg Associated Press quotes & who said them

aangirfan: iran-is-backward-&-easy-to-break-up

Panetta: No Iranian decision yet on nukes

if we do nothing to stop this then it could be real messy real quick
scare mongers in the press & the meme element of the blog-o-sphere have me concerned that there will be a nuclear element & wish to promote this into our minds even if it is just to make a non nuclear strike acceptable - you know "phew at least they didn't go nuclear"

mastercard is showing a very big drop in the sales of petrol at the pumps & the price should really be heading towards $50 per barrel but we will never see that reflected at the pumps & if TPTB can have a conflict they will then be able to keep the price artificially high & make more for them & their friends keeping that leash firmly around our necks

it is time for change

the queen is the richest woman on the planet
she's not just the richest woman but one of the richest people
the queen could pay every man woman & child in britain a million pounds & still have billions left over
the queen or actually the crown owns the mineral rights to just over a quarter of the planet & to put that in perspective just think of the uranium from canada & australia alone
& the resulting cancers  from 2400+ nuclear tests old leaking power plants & DU/EU weapons [gulf war syndrome etc] that have killed your family & friends keeping [her] big pharma in business as they make billions from not finding a cure

Friday, 10 February 2012

Financial Holocaust

Goering set up the European Economic Community in 1940

socialism in when the government owns everything
fascism is when the corporation owns everything

the corporation owns your government
so it's up to you to decide which one you have
but as the truth is always revealed by the result
it is the same for both
you are the slave

I think there is now starting an undercurrent of people getting suitably pissed off with the current results so hopefully something will happen soon
before the usual end result of world war to sort out a financial crisis happens
as you can see from world events both sides are lining up for it as  you are kept "occupied" with other things ;)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

& you thought it couldn't get any more stupid

now they want to use nerve gas on domestic situations

independent.co.uk "Government 'may sanction nerve-agent use on rioters', scientists fear"

this is how they do it
release something monumentally stupid, offensive & clearly criminal through various avenues just to see what the reaction will be & to see if they can get away with it
& don't forget the people you voted for will make sure this is implemented

never forget we are the Masters, the Captain of your vessel
the "public servants" [in their collars & ties & cuffs like slaves & prisoners] through deception & fraud have you accepting the artificial person as the real you... they are the criminals not you
if you like living in a society - & who doesn't? the bins clear the roads safe hospitals & doctors? forget freeman if you want that then you give up the benefits of your society all of them
we are in control not some artificial you take it back prosecute the public servants for fraud, deception, mis-management, misappropriation of public funds make new rules where they can never do it again take back control

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

HG Wells "World Brain"

"World Brain" by HG Wells is a non-fiction collection of essays that simply put is what Wells wanted to see for the future of man-kind

if you can't get a copy, or if time limits you from being able to read it, here's a good piece on what it's about from the University of Illinois:

the concluson of this piece:

"In the final analysis, then, it is possible to describe Wells’s the World Brain in this way. It is the latest and greatest expression of socio-biological evolution. It is to be the organ that will be at once shaped by, and responsible for, the ultimate success of that "open conspiracy" by means of which scientists and others will create a new world order. As a fundamental aspect of this new world order, it will provide the information necessary for the suppression of dissent and diversity. It will be under the control of an anti-individualist, anti-democratic administrative and scholarly elite, the Competent Receiver and the grandiosely named order of Samurai. These "officials" will carry out their duties and sustain their repressive regimes administratively on the basis of knowledge derived from a huge database in which is integrated information about all aspects of the lives of the citizens under their care. They are to manage broader socio-biological matters relating to the immediate welfare and evolutionary development of the human race, including weeding out the unfit for detention or destruction. The information they need to discharge these responsibilities will be derived from what is no more than a "properly vetted" "arrangement of notes." These notes are to be provided by the personnel constituting the World Brain organisation. These are the "carefully assembled sequence" of "selections, extracts, and quotations" that Wells identifies as grist for the World Brain’s cognitive mill (Wells, 1938, pp. 14-15). They are, conceptually no more than an extension of his own notebooks. The World Brain is simply Wells’s brain writ large.


Wells’s vision of a World brain is troubling in and of itself. But it also raises issues of a broader kind that pose a challenge to contemporary accounts of the Word or Global Brain, whether they echo Wells or not. All of these accounts embrace a kind of evolutionary determinism which suggests that a new kind of sentient super-organism is emerging from the complex social arrangements by which we live our lives. What is being referred to is not simply the modification of existing or even the development of new social and personal arrangements to accommodate new political realities (the new Europe for example) or technological innovation (such as the motor car, the telephone or the Television). Something far beyond the ken of ordinary people and "alive" is envisaged. It is alive also in a way that requires the subordination of the will, intelligence and interests of ordinary people. As individuals are subsumed by or absorbed into it, their independence and instrumentality in their own lives are inevitably curtailed in the expectation of general social betterment rather than an enhancement of individual potential. It is neither tool nor prosthesis but may be interpreted as becoming an expression of totalitarian values and authoritarian control.

World Brain or Global Brain proponents tend to extrapolate quite extravagantly the capabilities and implications of emerging technology. For Wells it was microfilm. Today it is the infinitely more sophisticated Internet and World Wide Web which have enmeshed our globe in a fantastically intricate and diffused communications infrastructure. By means of this technology as World or Global Brain proponents imagine it taking shape, the effective deployment of the entire universe of knowledge will become possible. But this begs unresolved questions about the relative value of the individual and the state, about the nature of individual and social benefits and how they are best to be allocated, about what constitutes freedom and how it might be appropriately constrained. It flies in the face of the intransigent reality that what constitutes the ever-expanding store of human knowledge is almost incalculably massive in scale, is largely viewpoint-dependent, is fragmented, complex, ceaselessly in dispute and always under revision.

Finally, one might ask what happens to individuals and to society when the World or Global Brain malfunctions, whether within the limits of normality or pathologically? What do the limitations and failures that characterise the human brain and with which we are all too familiar, mean for the World or Global Brain? At the level of the psychopathology of everyday life, through slips of the tongue, misunderstandings, preconceptions, failures of recall, inability to assimilate new ideas, lapses of attention, forgetting, dreams and daydreams, the mind and so the brain is forever tripping us up, letting us down, tricking us, unexpectedly revealing clues to subterranean depths. The human brain is the site of what is irrational as well as what is rational -- and presumably this has implications for the World Brain. Moreover, if we go from the normal to the pathological, how do we deal with the notion of a World Brain that is schizophrenic, demented, subject to cerebral haemorrhage or massive stroke.

Issues such as these are provoked by Wells’s account of the World Brain and are implicit in any modern discussion of the idea, whether at the level of metaphor or of a kind of emergent cyborg reality. If the idea is to be useful and its practical realisation convincingly argued, issues such as these must be satisfactorily resolved."

a good read
welcome to the internet, happy shopping

Sunday, 5 February 2012

what now?

so you've signed the petition, you've emailed your mp, you've got them to put on hold sopa, pipa & acta etc
now what?

stop buying their goods
stop buying their services

all of it

it is really the only thing they will listen too
hit them where it hurts
in their pockets

put your hard earned fiat promisery notes to better use
towards your family your friends your loved ones

be co-operation
be creativity