Tuesday, 28 February 2012

the original dog named blue


thank you for this song Aangirfan 
my mum used to sing it with me & blue, changing the words obviously

there's a tiny picture in a locket of the three of us that I look at to remember


Anonymous said...

Hey, dognamedblue

Although many people do not worry, there are still people who care and worry and try to warn the first.

I live in the other side of your location, but my heart is with you, as is the weak and oppressed.

Do not lose your faith in God, because in the end, Justice will gonna be made, this life is a second compared to eternity.

A hug

A13 said...

Love, support and healing vibes your way DNB :)
You are certainly not alone and you are very brave and strong.
many regards and best wishes to you.
Cheers A13

Anon said...

Many thanks for the link.

I like this song!


"I was so glad to meet a happy, confident, socially engaged baby this week. Baby Loren was a stark contrast to most babies--children under 2--that I encounter these days. Most tend to look distracted, unhappy, dazed, and pretty uninterested in others. And their eyes don't glow or communicate understanding like Loren's did. I even had a hard time finding a photo to put up with this post of a glowing, clued-in baby, whose eyes did not look wounded or clouded."

Around where I live there are a lot of unhappy babies.

But, we can all recover!

- Aangirfan

dognamedblue said...

funny you should post that Aang, I was painting & looked up & on the tv was a clip of two babies faces to faces laughing at each other

dognamedblue said...
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dognamedblue said...

"the part of you that thrives is the part you feed the most"

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