Friday, 24 February 2012


what are the three triggers for cancer?


lets ask a woman... what causes cervical cancer?
[because women actually take the time to find out men just wait until they've got it]
[check out the true story of the pink ribbon by the woman who invented it:]

why do you think the last step at the sewage works after they've filtered out all the crap is to pass it through ultra violet lights?
because ultra violet light kills all viruses
thinking of getting one of those ultra violet lamps???
[bearinmind the dangers & health concerns over UVlight so will take more research not just reading my remarks]

a level teaspoon mixed in water will kill the cancer causing fungi
I take it everyday - dr o's bi-carb 70p
bi-carbonate of soda will balance your ph [7 - neutral]
no acid environment... no cancer
[DON'T BUY DR O's!!! (or any of his food products!) you can find aluminium free bi-carb online]

the human body contains more bacteria than it does cells
the average human body contains 50 trillion cells
do the maths
eating processed foods laden with chemicals will "soft kill" you
it's what you eat that gives you the good bacteria & helps kill the bad ones

learn how to cook, even the most simple of things
try a vegetarian dish a couple of times a week
my favourite is mushroom & spinach omlette [w/ a bit a crumbly white cheese]
money is tight so I have to shop wisely - 6 organic eggs £1.70 bag organic spinach £1.60 organic mushrooms £1 lancashire cheese £1.75 - this meal is full of vitamin d & other goodies [organic sea salt £1 500gms - magnesium potassium calcium, organic pepper £1.50]

try growing your own
in a garden
in plant pots
in boxes
in bags
if there's no way to start growing your own, grow your own herbs & add them to everything
goto for which foods give you what vitamins etc

I look after a disabled parent, I don't claim anything on principal, money is tight so I can't really afford processed foods so have to buy & cook everything, apart from oven chips :) I buy a set amount of organic veg which is cheaper than you think when I'm preparing food I nibble on the raw vegetables & drink the water that the veg is cooked in & if I make a gravy I use the water the veg is cooked in making sure any goodness lost in cooking is used up

smoking doesn't cause lung cancer [although all the chemicals added to tobacco do]
what smoking does do is open your lungs to the fungus that causes cancer
but you don't have to smoke to get lung cancer
that's why that old dear up the street in her 90's & still smoking 20 a day will never get lung cancer [although she also takes bi-carb everyday]

I tested several spices & came up with a drink I now take every winter, not had a cold, no sniffles no runny nose in over 2 years, will post the recipe later
cardamon pods
cayenne pepper
ginger powder
lemon juice
I've gone this past year with adding more spices:
fenugreek powder
fennel seeds
use a level 1 quarter of a teaspoon boil for 5 minutes then add the lemon juice & honey & boil for another 2 minutes
sieve then mix into a cup to take out the powder & seeds
I took it once a day when they were scare mongering over H1N1 but this year I took it once a week at first then upto 4 times a week during flu season
add upto 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper if you have the start of a headache [warning: this many scoville units will blow your top, I can't manage it so take 1/2 a level teaspoon in 3 drinks in a night for headaches]


Anon said...

Excellent advice!

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

I like apples. You can get free apples from people who have got trees in their garden, they usually have more than they can use. I knocked on the door of a man near where I live and asked if I could have some of his, and I said I would bake him an apple pie if he let me have some, and he said yes, but he didn't want the apple pie.

dognamedblue said...

what a shame about the apple pie! I love making my own. last year we got to have some apples from a couple of trees a woman has in her garden, one was eating apples the other was cooking apples... good advices it to eat the seeds from apples as they contain all kinds of cancer fighting goodies [infact eat seeds from lots of fruits too]
hope you're keeping well

Harvest said...

Last year I was one of the judges for the health category of the Ben Franklin Book awards. There must have been at least 6 books on cancer submitted. What they all agreed on is that alcohol consumption is the leading risk factor for cancers of all types.

dognamedblue said...

good point, as I don't drink I didn't consider alcohol. I guess that brings it in under the same as tobacco in that it opens the body to the triggers for cancer