Sunday, 5 February 2012

what now?

so you've signed the petition, you've emailed your mp, you've got them to put on hold sopa, pipa & acta etc
now what?

stop buying their goods
stop buying their services

all of it

it is really the only thing they will listen too
hit them where it hurts
in their pockets

put your hard earned fiat promisery notes to better use
towards your family your friends your loved ones

be co-operation
be creativity


A13 said...

Hi DMB, I've activley started "boycotting" as much as their commitee shit as i possibly where off the grid yet, but it's a goal of sorts..and it is truly difficult.
Here in OZ it is getting weirder by the day..
Cheers A13

Anon said...

I try to boycott all firms that put adverts on YouTube videos, or that phone me up when I'm about to offer tea to some dignitary, or that use goods from sweatshops in Asia...

- Aangirfan

dognamedblue said...

we got rid of satalite tv, not bought a newspaper in years or a film/dvd, although did ask for life is worth losing by george carlin for crombo, can't remember the last music I bought, been trying to grow some of my own veg for a couple of years now

getting off the grid is a tough one, until some bright little spark comes up with a cheap home use alternative I guess all we can hope for is getting energy supplies out of the corporate hands & back to government control, after the government is got out of corporate hands that is

there's an MIT professor trying to produce a $100 home use solar/wind generator & another small guy is doing another water/hydrogen kit for the car here in the uk so I guess things are starting to look up... just as we're heading for a bad looking war :/