Friday, 2 March 2012

Putin meets Kissinger then...

calls for the new world order?

"We will also seek to avoid unnecessary shocks as a new world order emerges based on the new geopolitical reality."

[website for this image & story]

I saw at the sovereign independent website that rt doesn't have an agenda, but it does, it is to show that the leopard has changed its spots, but who it is doing it for is unclear [to me] as rt is the only site that I've seen this story on, it was on the spotlight show but it's not online yet so have had to go with this until it is, their chat about Putin's message was interesting as they also wanted to know what he was on about & why he was meeting kissinger

[oh, the leopard may have changed its spots, but it's still a leopard]


Anon said...

Well spotted!

- Aangirfan

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Thanks for this link. Worthy of notice. I watch Putin because I have too many photo ops of him with the Lubavitchers although I suppose they are an evil problem everywhere at the top.

But I think... they are preparing to cast Putin as villain to further their own aggressive designs. Putin is being cast as, I would imagine, the cool peacemaker or keeper of balance for awhile.

Not that the press will paint it as such, he will be vilified all the way.

The filth that is Kissinger as message boy for the Rothschild's and general all around pedophilic creep being involved, well you never know what old Henry is up to.

But since Putin won by such a good margin, perhaps Putin listened. Or perhaps not. Or perhaps he stands somewhere in between.

I wish someone would cut off Kissinger's access to fresh body parts!

dognamedblue said...

putin is still kgb & to me is very very shady, not sure what they planed for him

dognamedblue said...

quite possibly putin saying one thing whilst planning something else