Sunday, 18 March 2012

T-Shirts & Things

I need to get some cash to buy water-mixable oil paints & canvases, so in the vain hope that there's some kind folks out there that happen to have some spare money going to waste here's some items:

black t-shirt white print: £20
white t-shit black print: £17

black t-shirt white print: £19
[crown film unit/ministry of information 1945]

red t-shirt black print: £19

white t-shirt black print: £15

white t-shirt black print: £17

mouse pad: £10

postcard: £1.50

coloured t-shirts cost more than plain white ones, but I've kept profits down to as little as possible. I make less than £3 per t-shirt & as little as 60p per postcard. so I have to sell at least 2 t-shirts to buy one tube of paint

I checked out the images to make sure they were ok for printing
& below are the examples:

 gives the best image reproduction, you can either add commission & sell them through that site or have them printed at cost for you to buy & sell privately off-line. I have to do 2 oil paintings for my sister's husband's birthday by the end of june, that's my priority now so I'll leave doing anymore art for you until you decide what to do


Anon said...

Excellent idea! I may copy it. I'm currently sending money to some poor folks in a certain village in Asia.

- Aangirfan

dognamedblue said...

that's very kind of you Aang

if you have any ideas for designs you want working up I'll have a go at doing them for you? - have all the software, which is paid for so no questionable morals :) [you know "they look good but it's pirated software"]

Anon said...


Operation Mockingbird - CIA control of the media.

Operation Northwoods - Pentagon terrorism.

The CIA put Saddam and the Ayatollah into power.

- Aangirfan

dognamedblue said...

I'll put my thinking cap on, I have to do a couple of paintings, for my sister's husband's birthday or I'll get shot but will work around them

Anonymous said...

more ideas:

Hookers to power, because their sons are already there

I'm apron free

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends

If you want proof for the character of a man, give him power

Anon said...

"Done one of the t-shirts, if you have an email I can send you some images & the files needed for print sites."

The problem is that I never give out my email.

Sorry about that.

- Aangirfan

Anon said...

Great designs!

- Aangirfan

dognamedblue said...

I do know what you mean about giving out your email, I never give out my isp email, the one with my name on the bill, which I've had for over 10 years & am fairly pleased that it's never had any spam, but & forgive my facetiousness, why not do what the rest of the planet does to get around this?
I've always used mine for the exchange of money for art

if you like the "silence of our friends" then the print images are ready to go so you could [if they sell] be making money