Saturday, 13 August 2011

Exit through the Gift Shop

what did you think of Banksy's latest work of art?
personally, I think the "documentary" is the work of art

clip: exit-through-the-gift-shop channel4

I left thinking that's the joke, on the viewer, who might think that it's a documentary about art - the whole presentation is Banksy's latest work of art
just a different medium 
I enjoyed it, wouldn't mind watching it again


Anon said...

Banksy's stuff is always interesting. It's not beautiful but it makes a point.

dognamedblue said...

there was another documentary on last night about "team robbo" which is london's other street artist & is in a fight with banksy, this guy was an interesting alternative to banksy, being someone who painted his work rather than use stencils, he goes round & paints over banksy's work & is well liked by the other graffiti & street artists in london, although he was found unconcious in the street with severe head injuries & has been in a coma eversince... the documentary ends leaving you wondering if banksy, someone connected to him, or his fans did it :