Friday, 19 August 2011


 American: The Bill Hicks Story

 "I want to tell you something, objectively looking at the world, you know what? You are the only people alive on the earth today. All the people that created tradition, created countries & created rules them fuckers are dead! Why don't you start your own world while you got the chance"
- Bill Hicks
Return of the King, 1987

I was really fortunate & got to watch the premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, at what's become my favourite cinema the Cameo... it's like going to someone's place instead of some soulless megaplex, it's old fashioned & so cool, makes going a thrill



Anon said...

Excellent. Thanks for that. We all need a bit of comedy!

And Edinburgh is a fine city.

John Friend said...

Love it! Bill Hicks rules.

dognamedblue said...

American is on BBC4 - Sky 116 | Freeview 9 - tonight [saturday] at 10pm followed by Revelations at 11:40pm