Friday, 14 October 2011


may have been a touch premature with my september blog
although the signs were there

now, china owns more american debt than britain has debt
how do you get out of that one?
one way would be to crash the american $
ring any bells?
& china would be left holding worthless paper

another way would be start WW3   sorry WW4
have you been watching the news recently?
culminating with the saudi assassination threat?
they were arrested over 6 months ago but we only hear about it now?

america is gearing up for war on iran
but the problem there would be that russia & china would react
but then that's not a problem
that's the plan

UPDATE: it's looking like PressTV will be taken off british airways pretty soon
because they interviewed a canadian 
[ok fair enough I hear some say ;]
if you watch PressTV then yes they have an agenda & yes they use propaganda but which main stream media channel doesn't?
prelude to WW4?
[they've done some uncomfortable documentaries for some ;]

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