Tuesday, 11 October 2011

over population

speaking of sticky little spider's webs:

it's a myth

japan has now opened all its university courses to any foreign students
because there are not enough native born students to fill them

we've just slaughtered over 50,000 people in lybia
we're well over slaughtering 1 million people in iraq & afghanistan
rwanda is still recovering from over 3 million deaths
in the uk it's over 1 - 10,000 that die from normal flu every year [26k in '89 21k in '96 22k in '99 [Secretary of State for Health] - most die from "complications" rather than flu, just like H1N1] - but as long as you're afraid that less than 200 deaths from H1N1 is a pandemic

thanks to restrictions in health alone millions of poor people will die around the world - & there's nothing stopping us from helping them apart from the governments you elected - & that's not even mentioning starvation & popverty brought about by a corrupt & fraudulent money system

the uk government & main stream media are more than happy to tell you there aren't enough young people being born in the uk to look after the ageing population

you have to ask yourself just what is the real agenda from people, like attenborough [to name just one publicity speaker] in telling you we are over populated?

a simple maths division of the amount of people alive into actual land mass will show just how low the population really is

if you were to say there are too many people living in the wrong places that would be a better argument, but that's not over-population


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dognamedblue said...

those of you that can stomach it, there's a show on cnn tonight "going green" which is pushing the over population agenda very heavily - saying we can not cope with nearly 7 billion people on the planet, because we are using too much, but what they will not tell you that it is due to corruption, fraud, mis-management, restricting technology, stock markets etc & a ruling 1%... as always follow the money