Sunday, 11 September 2011

WAROLOGY – operations other than war


[3mins trailer]

"High-ranking army officers, key members of military intelligence, politicians, communications experts & specialists researching post-war illnesses engage in a poignant exchange of views. This programme delves into controversial issues which have had little public exposure to reveal a new & covert culture of conflict enslaved to a science without limits with a single objective – to imagine the unthinkable"

"Due to copyright restrictions, this video can only be viewed on RT’s live feed. Time of broadcast is available on RT’s schedule page"

RT's live feed
RT’s schedule page

*** UPDATE: here's an 11min+ upload which covers HAARP & weather warfare weaponry [chemtrails] within this documentary
I've asked RT if they will repeat this documentary but they don't own the copyright so it looks like a one-off:
"which is the only industry that can fund this weaponry?"
"concerning chemical trails... I'll tell the truth... I used to think it was a swindle too" NATO Commander: Fabio Mini

in this documentary they cover all aspects of modern warfare, from the facts on chemtrails [turns out they are real] how we are already fighting world war 4! to the corporations [not countries] that are responsible! the info from top ranking army will open your eyes just a wee bit. you will know that because you can only catch it on the live feed [once???] that some truth is being told to you
catch 'em while you can!

hopefully someone will get to upload it on youtube


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yeah, it's one of those weird insights into some truth which will be shown only once

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