Friday, 9 September 2011

Condemning the English Rioters [???]

this piece comes from Stefan Molyneux
I can't say I know too much about him, although I've seen him once or twice on the Keiser Report
there's a youtube video claiming him as a "cult leader" :
I'm not sure I buy into that to be honest, but I don't know enough about him

maybe I think what he has to say in this rings true only because I'm 40 something, look after someone & my money isn't my own & that it might be just too late for me to give answers [that anyone would listen to]

 "Do you think that even people from disadvantaged households are fully morally responsible for their actions? Very well, you must accept this as well..." 
From Freedomain Radio, the largest & most popular philosophy show in the world

it was shown on Sky 201 Showcase1 [Freeview 403] last night after "Perfect Storm" a video about the real cause of the england riots which I posted previously -  the youth are the answer, they are right, not people telling them what to think, it would pay to listen to them, I do hope you give this video the time, speaking from a 40 something point of view & all accusations aside about him, it made sense
[just remind me again why they were shot when they got to 30 in Logan's Run??? ;]

[btw - "Condemning the English Rioters!" is not his view, it is about those ignorant ones that are... & are therefore just as much part of the problem]


Anon said...

The English riots looked as if they were organised by the spooks.

- Aangirfan

dognamedblue said...

I have to agree, there are several reports in the media that people were being organised & even "journalists" paying kids to start things, not to mention how well dressed some of them were