Tuesday, 20 September 2011

the Keiser Report

the Bill Still interview

"all our money is created as an interest bearing debt"
"no need for a gold standard just debt free government issued money: eliminate government borrowing & eliminate fractional reserve banking

"the money masters"
"the secret of Oz"
"no more national debt"

the full show: 
Keiser Report eps.186

"This week Max Keiser & co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss Babyface Bernanke, Eurotarp & "rogue traders" In the second half of the show Max talks to Bill Still, director of The Money Masters & The Secret of Oz, about Fort Knox, state banks & monetary reform."



dognamedblue said...


Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Bill Still & Max Kesier : No Gold left at Fort Knox


"Bill Still, director of The Money Masters & The Secret of Oz, is with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on the Keiser Report ,he speaks about the Fort Knox gold Nothing makes your heart swell with pride like knowing that greed is running rampant and endorsed by law. Once you read corporate charters and learn how they must make more money each year showing increased profits for it's shareholders otherwise they face various methods for restructuring. But in the end you realize it is all about the rich getting richer, while others lose jobs on the hour!"

I guess ron paul worshippers will not like it ;]

Anon said...

Very useful videos. The bulk of the world's wealth is in too few hands.

dognamedblue said...

the bank of england was set up in 1694 & they introduced "fractional reserve banking" in 1698 [2:1 ratio] but if we are being honest they've had it all for thousands of years, even pre julius ceaser rome & his downfall [murder] for changing their gold backed money system - the funny thing about money, the $'s & £'s in our pockets, is we don't even own them, as they are only "promisery notes" they are owned by the person that made them, which means they can take back their property whenever they want