Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Picasso: Mandoline sur un guéridon - 11 Feb 1920

Picasso - Mandoline sur un guéridon - 11 Feb 1920


after: Picasso - Mandoline sur un guéridon - 11 Feb 1920

watercolour on paper [original is gouache on cardboard]

11" x 15" quarter imperial cold pressed 300gms paper

£50 +p&p & insurance

I have this painting:

I can't do it
I quickly realised that I wasn't at a good enough level to do this as I specifically wanted to do
so I went back to artist that are paid a pretty decent wage for doing art & looked again at what they said
a main theme was to do "copy art" as a route to experience how someone did a piece & therefore also learn various painting techniques
which is why I'm at this point of doing Copy Art
I hope to end this at something like a cubist piece, brushstroke for brushstroke so you have to look twice just to make sure it's not the original
then move onto this painting
I've bought some water mixable oil paints: titanium white - raw sienna - lamp black

I'm already starting to look at it in terms of how to apply paint to it
creative visualisation


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