Monday, 30 August 2010

My Spice Infusion Drink

I've done some searching on the net & came together with this "tea"

in this image:
lemon juice / honey / turmeric / cayenne pepper / cardamon pods / ginger powder

the idea behind this drink was to find something soothing, good for aches & pains, good for arthritis & nice to drink (prevention is better than cure)
the turmeric is now a proven aid to all aches & pains/circulation/arthritis/antiseptic/antibacterial agent/natural liver detoxifier/natural painkiller/rheumatoid arthritis/prostate cancer
the cardamon pods
improve digestion & stimulate the metabolism/detoxifies/cleanses the kidneys/stimulates digestive system
the cayenne pepper is an excellent - from my trials - head soother/stop heart attacks/re-build stomach tissue/heal stomach ulcers/lowers cholesterol/removes toxins from the bloodstream/equalizes blood pressure
the ginger powder is antiemetic/antinausea/anticlotting agent/antispasmodic/antifungal/anti-inflammatory/antiseptic/antibacterial/antiviral/antitussive/analgesic/circulatory stimulant/increases blood flow/relaxes peripheral blood vessels

infact if you have the start of a migraine, you know when it's starting & you know how bad it is going to be, then try this drink :)
[I'm not suggesting it will get rid of your migraine - I am suggesting that it will make it a little bit easier - plus having what I hope is a good mixture & just the right amount of spices soothing your stomach will help you not feeling so sick]

to make :
a mug & one half of water
one eighth level teaspoon turmeric
one eighth level teaspoon cayenne pepper
one eighth level teaspoon ginger powder
three cardamon pods - broken open
one teaspoon lemon juice
one teaspoon honey

add all but the last two ingredients to a small pan with a mug & a half of water
bring to the boil & boil for seven minutes (depends on how hard it's boiling)
add the teaspoon of honey & lemon
continue to boil for a further three minutes
use a sieve to strain off the floaters
then enjoy
I suggest 1 mug a day if suffering from general aches & pains
& can personally recommend it as a first thing in the morning drink for an extra kick-start

unfortunately has no effect on a broken heart, doesn't get rid of that sickness

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