Wednesday, 13 October 2010

why is it always happening to me

I was arrested yesterday for allegedly sending in threats via email to an MEP & MSP.

the email is sent through a legitimate sanctioned website where you don't have annonimity & use full name address & postcode:

the various MSP's/MEP's/MP's that you select are then sent your message via the website & you don't have their email address's, so there were at least 10+ who all got the same messages which were :
"if you aquiesce & give tacit consent to the private banking cartel of the bank of england printing our money supply as an interest debt when the governement can print all out money debt free, then you are committing treason in the robbery of the state & the citizens of the state & you should be sacked immediately, gotten rid of, without benefit or pension"
"I demand a criminal investigation into the systematic sexual abuse of Hollie Greig & 7 other named people by a paedophile ring involving a police officer a member of the judiciary & social workers in Aberdeen & criminal charges being brought against the guilty & that the D notices be dropped"
I did make them write all this down into evidence, as they say "anything I say maybe taken down & used in evidence"

I was arrested in my home & charged with two counts of sending threats via email using this website, hopefully the court will recognise the police's bemusement for this alleged crime of threats & drop this case
the peebles police had been requested by strathclyde police to arrest me & did admit to not quite clearly seeing why I was being arrested after reading out my alleged threats

to be continued when I get the summons in the mail

this is all about my sister & her husband applying for a Visa to the US & has fuckall to do with sending threats via email as there were no threats sent just protest & objection - a fucking disgrace
you really have me thinking fuck it all, I can't cope with this shit anymore
I wish I could start again or kill myself - whichever's easist



Anon said...

Taoism teaches:

1. Don't force things.

Be flexible as the grass.

Go with the flow.

2. Be compassionate.

3. Be humble

3. Tune into the Tao.

Anon said...

Anon said...

dognamedblue said...

I spent my childhood lost in old black & white films, love all the classic english movies, from the early northwest to the 1950's, sometimes the only escape from reality, everything from will hay to st trinians & everything in between... I was the TV Baby