Thursday, 7 October 2010

Picasso - Tete d'Homme 1908

after: Picasso - Tete d'Homme 1908


after: Picasso - Tete d'Homme - Spring 1908
oil on paper - water mixable zinc white lamp black
11" x 15" quarter imperial cold pressed 300gms paper
£50 +p&p & insurance

I showed it at facebook, where I was asked "why [do] such as sad painting?" - I explained that I was just teaching myself to paint & wanted a challenge [so chose Picasso]
then it became clear, it was a sad painting, it has taken me about a month to do during which I have really struggled over lost love & past history... closer to the edge

maybe there is more to the comment than I first realised
maybe it chose itself because of my situation
maybe it needed to be done


dognamedblue said...

"but it's always these crazy things that drag me down
spent a lifetime all alone wishing that I'd never been born
in the evening when I worry about the state of my mind
if you loved me wouldn't leave me & we'd all be happy at home"

Anon said...

This painting has a strong impact. Well done.

dognamedblue said...

thank you, not quite an exact copy but I am learning from this kind of work