Monday, 14 May 2012

where do you get your news from?

bit of a tricky one considering that without fail  every news source has an agenda & like the pied piper want the kids to follow them 
but the news sources do let some get through
been reading this site recently :

The Real News Report

interesting ones are:
the eu making water restrictions causing water shortages
fukushima radiation levels
thought crimes pre olympics
the green scam
global warming hoax
normalising paedophilia

I hope people got to see the new french president bowing down before his masonic overlords just another bilderberger lol not less debt but more debt you can't make this shit up ;]
don't worry the greeks are next for more stupidity in the form of leftist rescue... the real answer would be to abandon ship re launch the drakma & print their own money debt & imf/world bank free... but shhhh don't tell anyone 

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