Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mary Sean Young


I saw Blade Runner as a small child, to me it was eye opening & awesome & as a small child going through 11 years of child abuse being isolated in a house I fell in love with her. films for me have always been my escape, I was a full time child minder & baby sitter from the age of 8 years old, you know collecting from the baby/child minder after primary school had finished bathing cleaning feeding looking after staying up til gone 2am [drinking spirits from the age of 9 ;] at weekends hiding behind the curtains terrified someone was creeping up the garden to get into the house, so I've been watching films late at night since & watched a lot of her work not just Blade Runner & Dune but the notsogood tv movies too [hey everyone's got to earn the rent/mortgage]

here she is in a RedIceRadio interview talking about the truth movement, ridley scott [PROMETHEUS] the film industry sexualisation of children symbolism occult/satanist families ruling elite TPTB if charitable foundations are raising so much money how come the world isn't better off??? being depressed on waking up opening your eyes & forgiveness
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