Sunday, 25 December 2011

merry christmas

yeah, merry christmas one & all

I refuse to post images or video to that pagan religious leader  masquerading as the church of jesus but by now you will have already heard his message
that cunt [former nazi paedophile protector], yeah I said it, tells you to look beyond your superficial glitter
is he blind?
clearly he is as he fails to see what he is, where he is & what surrounds him [but he doesn't he knows exactly ;]
surrounded by gold & opulence he tells you that you are to blame
he won't be going without food or drink at this time of year or without somewhere to live

that wanker cameron can't find money to save the nhs or any other public service, part of the social responsibility your grandparents fought for, but he can find money to bomb & murder even more innocent women & children after their "success" of killing them in lybia. it is called "illegal wars of aggression" you voted for them, their blood is on your hands, if you don't like it not to worry as the police will soon be armed with live ammunition to shut your mouth if you begin question it... & the nhs won't be there to save you, think I jest?

think again
may your human spirit guide you beyond the false ego to a better solution


Anon said...


- Aangirfan

dognamedblue said...

all the best Aangirfan
thanks for all the great work
it may seem slight, but the Delphi Method blog was the real eye opener, that one put a few pieces in place to say the least :)

A13 said...

Merry Christmas!
Hiope you are having a good one :)
Cheers A13

dognamedblue said...

hey A13
thank you
it's been great fun, just a small family & this year my sister's kid was old enough to enjoy it for the first time & old enough to be wound up just a bit by his uncle :) although I'm not sure where he got "attack of the giant imaginary doughnuts" from
hope you are having a good christmas too
all the best

A13 said...

Hi Blue.
Kids around at Christams make it even more special :)
Glad you had a nice day.
Cheers A13