Thursday, 10 June 2010

Behold a Pale Horse 1/18

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dognamedblue said...

ok you may think that some is far-fetched - and it is, but that doesn't mean it should be laughed at or made fun off - that will just distract you from the main message -
until they come up with FACTS that prove the existence of extra-terrestrials (living in underworld chambers) you have to say I can only accept this but not necessarily believe it to be true - until the FACTS are presented! many of his other references (with FACTS) in this book are instantly dismissed because people want to ignore the truth & will use any excuse to do so including his belief in there being an extra-terrestrial presence here on earth - but if you can accept what else he points out (with FACTS) then you should at least provide room from all of it

"We have been taught lies. Reality is not at all what we perceive it to be."
- because this happens to be the TRUTH!